So today I told my boss “nodejs without typescript is like sex with strangers without a condom. Sure it’s fun and all... but then you get an std”

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    C++ users be like: This is standard practice... std::cringe
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    The whole problem wouldn't exist if we had an std(lib)
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    Why would you have sex with strangers? You can still get STDs with a condom.
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    The way I would put it is “nodejs with or without typescript is like getting gang-raped by a bunch of strangers, sure a condom will technically improve the situation, but you’re still getting raped”
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    @Bybit260 Yes, for years they told people you cannot get STD from "safe sex". It was a lie then and is still a lie now. Some of the same people who said that are now advising on Corona. Nothing could go wrong...
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    *laughs in deno*
    Abort stats are low this way πŸ’―
    *but actually cries in absence of stable webpack's alternative on deno*
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    @shakur why not use a reliable source instead?
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    @shakur there are things it protects you from and things it doesn't
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    @shakur You really want details on a dev forum?
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    1. sex organs are not the only avenue for the transmission of disease (sweat and saliva carry disease as well)

    2. condoms break (Planned Parenthood intentionally gives away condoms with a higher failure rate than those purchased at the store)

    3. condoms don't cover everything and contact is still made with skin (especially if she releases significant fluids on orgasm)

    4. there are stds that can pass through a condom (you will have to look this up, I "think" hpv is one of them)

    5. anal sex causes fissures in the anus which increases the chance of disease passing into the body

    6. women have increased risk. It is possible a guy can carry an std from woman to woman without getting it himself.

    I am sure that with Google you would learn a lot more about potential issues.
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    *this shit made my day so well* πŸ˜‚
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    @Demolishun Now I can understand the story behind that username of yours. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
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