- We need an android app. Can you do this?
+ Never done that, but I can try.
- Do you even know Java?
+ Not really, but I'll learn fast!
- Any OOP experience?
+ Well...I know CPP.
- 😐

- Will you give me a prototype tonight?
+ Don't know. How about tomorrow?
- Ok.

+ *makes a prototype in couple of hours, becomes a Java developer*

Just like that.

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    wow.. you just got a job by being honest of your skill.
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    I interviewed for a job where they wanted to write an app in Java. The job would have been okay, it was just other requirements of the job that didn't work out. So instead I am doing C++ full time. Yeah, sometimes you just program in whatever someone needs.
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    Hahahahaha! Nice!
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    Picking up a new language is relatively easy.
    Using a foreign SDK, especially Android, this is where you will fail as a beginner.
    I always cringe when people act like a new language is the hardest part of new tech.
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    @Lensflare Sure the language is not the hard part, but it's hard when you're learning a paradigm through a language.

    Android SDK itself is very well documented and once you understand basic mechanics like threads, activity lifecycle, intents, etc. it is actually pretty easy to read from source.
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    Kotlin is where it's at. I just got back into Android development in the past few weeks. a LOT has changed since I last looked at it, when Java and Eclipse were the way to go and Android Studio was in beta. Android studio is pretty awesome now.
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    @corscheid yeah, Kotlin makes Android development a bit less of a pain in the ass.
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    yeah, i learned java in 2 weeks while being paid to make an end-semester project in it for an it uni student who has had java lessons for 2 years and didn't know shit of it.

    i agree stuff like that is something to be proud of :)
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    I nailed my first job offer just like this, it was about a simple front end role. They gave me a mockup and just like that, by evening it was ready. Sadly lost the offer due to covid. I think thats how you learn things and move up.
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