I just don't get it. I've done web stuff for 20 years, but these days I'm expected to learn god knows how many command line tools just to stay relevant in the field. I fear the day I have to leave this crummy company making small websites, I just don't have what it takes to learn all that shit and get a job elsewhere.

Webpack, NodeJS, Angular... when I look at their docs I just get lost in all the jargon and I think to myself: I would rather stock shelves like a chum then learn all this goddamn shit over and over and over, my generation can't afford shit anyway so there is no point in doing the absolute minimum to survive.

Meanwhile the recruiters on LinkedIn all talk like the jobs they have are like a visit to fucking Disneyland compared to the soulless mindfucking grind a job entails. GAHHHH!

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    Maybe you could become a recruiter instead?
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    All those command line tools are only used once, when setting up the application.

    That step is usually done by Googling "create new [insert-framework-here] app".

    Skip the first result, that is the official documentation and it assumes you have some minor cli experience onboard.

    The second result is usually a medium.com post and this post gives you all the exact commands you have to type.

    After that, the only commands you will use are "npm install/start/build" and "rm -rf node_modules/" while your dependencies and build process slowly deprecates to the point where upgrade is impossible because one package always breaks something another package depends on and the third package is no longer maintained so it is not compatible with the fourth package that the fifth package now depends on.

    This is fine.

    The only way to upgrade packages is to build the entire shitshow from scratch ( see: "create new [insert-framework-here] app").
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