With a nice cup of coffee, you start earlier than your colleagues, you do the hard part that everyone is afraid to touch.
But there is always someone who starts late his day and leave usually the first with a stupid smile.

I'm not the manager, so it's not my responsibility to control this person, I admit seeing this affects my motivation but I don't need to have his load on my plate.

I know that this case is quite common but I needed to rant about it.


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    Does bob meet his deadlines?
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    We have this guy too and he annoys the hell out of me. Gets to the office at 2pm. immediately turns on the AC to 18 degrees because he's sweating all the time. Leaves at 6. It's the kind of dev that feels his ideas are the best, i have had numerous discussions with him about best practices etc and whenever he doesn't get his way he pulls rank. No one want to work on the same project as him because he writes unmaintainable code, doesn't document shit and is an awful/no teamplayer in general. So far 2 people have quit and specifically mentioned him as the reason. They called all other devs in to validate this, I can't speak for my colleagues but I certainly didn't keep back my opinion about him. Somehow they won't fire him, but they do expect us to clean his unreviewed midnight coding session bugs up en the morning. What kind of person he is ? He keeps rebasing master branch and force pushing it upstream, even after numerous devs have asked to not do that. He just doesn't give a crap.
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    @SortOfTested that's a good question, this Bob doesn't finish anything on time and often another developer has to pick up and finish his work.

    I get that you want to point out that some developers are brilliant and can produce more in less time compared to their peers but it's not the case here :D
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    @ImNotAlfred wow, that's Bob with strong opinions which makes him V2.0.

    It seems a painful experience to work with him and I don't understand why management doesn't try to find a solution in this case. The worst part is developers are leaving the team and this could lead to no new hires in that department (if the information was spread to their own network).
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    Nope, just wondering. I don't care what hours people work as long as they meet their obligations and don't miss meetings. Don't have to be brilliant for that.
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