This one gave me an idea for a kind of a desktop app launcher that lets you place the applications for procrastination in such a way that they are behind the planet during the day so you are a lot less likely to see the shortcut and want to use them; and likewise for the applications, one uses for work to be hidden during the evening/night cuz no one wants to see that after work.

Not really a particularly strong idea and I'd probably not support it myself if someone else brought it to me but hey, just an opportunity to try coding something different and learn more stuff.

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    Icons on the desktop - what year is it?
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    While I wouldn't have a use for it, I like that idea! Go for it, I'm sure others would like it too
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    Flat earthers will definitely not understand how to use this.
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    @Demolishun according to flat Earth experts, every planet except for earth is round.
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    And now disable that horrendous label beneath the icons...
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    Nice idea 🔥🔥🔥 ...
    Do not forget to rant when you are done with the project so we can download it 👍👍👍
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    the issue is that i don't start wanting to use an app because i saw its icon - i start looking for an app's icon because i decided that i want to use it.

    might be just a problem of specifically my desktop, though
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    @Demolishun round earth heretic.
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    Is it possible to move icons programmatically?

    that would be really great if it was revolving
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