Lockdown has got me reading a lot of books. Books about business or startups are a lot faster for me to read. It’s like reading a story book and I’m done in a week. But reading technical books (like I’m currently reading SICP aka wizard book) is a lot more heavy duty mental work. Y’all got any pointers for me about this?

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    Download more brains...

    Seriously, this needs to be a thing.
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    The thing about SICP is it was written by and for MIT. They have coursework and active sessions built around the text. It assumes one of two things:

    1. You have existing graduate level knowledge of the subject of computer science
    2. You have access to graduate level resources to assist in your investigation

    Without those two parts, it's a tough book to plow through, and probably isn't worth going through until you're significantly advanced.
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