Noob: How do I start my career in web development, do I do a course in Coursera, Udemy, or...
Me: Don't do any of this, use Mozilla MDN web doc.
I really wish the younger me followed this advice when starting up...

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    Yes and no, if you've got absolutely no knowledge about it you don't know where to start reading the docs. It might be better to have video lesson first.
    But it has to be very clear that they can't copy code they don't understand.

    Also some people are more theoretical and others are more visually minded. For visually minded people it's rarely a good option to just read docs.

    Source: have taught a lot of people how to program
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    @Codex404 Okay, but this courses abstract a lot of necessary knowledge on "how things work" and other hard concepts.
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    I really do like the courses on udemy and got one myself for videoediting. I think there`s nothing wrong with enrolling in thoses courses, but you shouldn`t raise false expectations regarding the "certificates of completion" just to sell courses to the younger guys... Thank you for your post
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    @Meetife you learn the harder concepts on the job, because they just cant be explained with examples, you have to live it.
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