When you switch a regular keyboard to an emoji one on an iPhone, the keyboard becomes a several pixels shorter. It’s barely noticeable but when you notice it, you can’t unsee it.

“This is it. This is what matters. How a product make someone feel”
– Apple

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    Double clicking the window border on macos does a different thing for every fucking program. Guess how that makes me feel.
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    @AmbientTea you can live without this, but keyboard is a different thing
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    @uyouthe That depends haha. I easily adjust to keyboards but I'd go fucking insane if the window borders would do different things for different software as I use them a loooot 😅
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    Wow, you can change keyboard on ios already? How advanced!
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    @electrineer you can, but all using the standard qwerty layout. Dvorak/Colemak/etc users are getting the middle finger.
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    *knows it's completely irrelevant and unasked for *

    Why don't you all try Linux 😉
    *Ok I'll go now *
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    @VaderNT That's not true! You can also use QWERTZ and AZERTY!

    "What more do you people want?"
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    @VaderNT are they still 1st party? 🤦
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