im too tired today for an entire rant...

just Fuck apple and their entire workforce with a 10ft pole

(except the actually useful people, like the janitors and other staf that dont work on their products/support, they do contribute to society)

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    Would be nice if someone pulled some rant stats or even an infographic (most hated languages...most hated companies...most hated X Y Z) so we can see if apple gets more shit than java
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    @molaram it would indeed! My guess about most hated companies on devRant is:
    - Google
    - Microsoft
    - Apple
    - Amazon
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    @Jilano pretty sure there's more MS hate than Google hate
    While there are a lot of Linux fanboys here, privacy enthusiasts are a small subset of those.
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    @RememberMe That's a possibility, yes, but I do think they'd be close anyway
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