So I had my first "real" interview today. It was for an internship at a big company and I really wanted that internship. I know I'm more than capable for that position and I made a hell of a good job on the coding challenge they sent (or at least I think so). But I went unprepared for that interview and I think I fucked up.

The guy asked me what were my strengths and weaknesses (of fucking course, cliche question). I had no idea what to answer, I was caught completely off guard. So I said I never quit as a strength and I couldn't think of any weaknesses. It was a very corny response but I didn't mean to say exactly that. I wanted to say that even if something is frustrating and I have to bang my head against the wall for three days, I won't give up on a task. It's basically the same as saying what I said, but it does feel nicer and less corny y'know? And as a weakness I could've said that I didn't have experience working with a team, as I've always worked solo.

I could have been awesome, but I didn't prepare myself for the interview. I really, really wanted that internship since that'd be awesome on my resume, I'd earn some of my own money and I'd learn a whole fucking lot.

Deep down I still have some hope that I'll get an e-mail back and I'll get the position, but I think I won't. This sucks. I am qualified, BUT I DID AN AWFUL JOB ON LETTING THEM KNOW I'M QUALIFIED.

I just wanted it so bad :(

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    Get the book "Interview Like a Boss". Lots of good insight.
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    @Demolishun will do! Thank you :)
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    Don't beat yourself up so much about that single question.

    You know it's a stupid question, they know it's a stupid question. If you rocked that interview and they still reject you, you DON'T want to work there. It would mean they value bullshit over actual skills.

    Finally, I'll share an experience of mine: The one time I got asked that question I had no answer either. So I made a joke about it and we continued the interview. Got an offer from them later. The strengths/weaknesses question didn't matter in the end.
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    @halfflat @VaderNT thanks for your support. I think it's a bullshit question too, like what's the point? Hopefully it won't matter and I'll get an offer in the upcoming days, but I doubt I will.
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    Tbh, if the company REALLY interviewed you. They'd know you were qualified. Them basing their decision on shit questions doesn't make them a good candidate FOR YOU. So you technically just dodged a bullet. Remember, interviews go both ways, interrogations go one way.
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    @codecrow yep, you're right. It's just that it's a big company and I thought it would look nice on my resume... But yeah, this company probably isn't very good to work at. Thanks for the support :)
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