Image Voyager with it's golden record is found _now_.

How disappointed would an alien race intelligent enough to decode and understand the pictures on there (which - imo - show us as civilized as possible) be, coming here and find us just waiting do die because of shit we did by ourselves.

Hard to imagine an extraterrestrial race is in any way like us, but it's even harder to imagine them coming to us, maybe even hoping for peace, because they live through the same shit as we do - just to find more shit.

They didn't include war, poverty, disease, crime, ideology, and most important: religion in the pictures on the record. stuff that essentially made us who we are today but at the same time show us at our worst.
we know what's shit about our behaviour and we don't want to show it to aliens but we don't change them at all.


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    What if we're _inside_ the alien and 5 billion years from now they take a morning dump and voyager goes down the pipe with all the ass sauce?
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    The deeper irony in your posting is that humanism which even values peace and well-being of the masses is Christian values in secular form. Or, more bluntly, Christianity just without prayer. Nietzsche had quite a lot to say on that.

    That's because philosophy can't create values, which is also why ethics have always been a particularly weak part in philosophy. Religion can resort to either infinite regress or epistemological fundalism and put forth values because it doesn't have to be logical, but philosophy can't do that.

    Reason is copy, madness the original.
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