Me: *Browsing normally*
Crappy website: *Obnoxious Ad*
Me: *Installs AdBlock*
Crappy website: *adblock pls disable*


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    You can add a list to block those too. That being said, I suggest not visiting websites that harass you.
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    @Jilano Genius advice. Its like telling a pregnant lady not to f*ck
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    @zemaitis Absolutely not. You completely missed the point.

    If something such as that kind of websites that usually just copy its articles somewhere has a bullshit system, don't visit them. It's simple
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    I'm with Jilano. If a website is full of annoying ads and complains about adblockers, then I just leave and never visit it again.
    It's not like they have any exclusive content that no other website has.
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    @Nanos That must be some valuable data, eh

    But I feel you. When you have to load 15KB of data and 4MB of ads/scripts, it sucks.
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    Just disable JavaScript, cant detect adblockers without
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    Firefox read mode filters to the crap including the blocker notices. Also circumvents the cookie acceptance crap.
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    @theMaintainer quite likely that you can't see the contents as well. Loads of sites load everything async including the actual content
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    @zemaitis As an ex-seo worker I’m with Jilano. Fuck off.

    Good google queries and affine clicking on the correct domains doesn’t lead to those kinds of sites.
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    @010001111 u fckoff slim shady.
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    Right click inspect the popup than delete... 🤣
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    I can definitely recommend to buy a cheap ass second hand Raspberry Pi, install PiHole and plug that thing into your network. Reconfigure your DNS and you are done. Cost me 10 euros total to get rid of most of this kind of popups.
    Can't detect an adblock if there is no server connection to load ads from in the first place ;)
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