Despair +
Craving sweet stuff +
Quarantine lead to a new interesting search algorithm.

I call it diabetes search.

It find's anything edible with enough sweetness or taste.

Current result is promising.

I found couverture chocolate, cocoa powder, maple syrup, vanilla sugar, crunched haselnuts...

I had some eggs, flour, and milk left.

The kitchen looks like in the movies.... When a martial arts battle took place inside a kitchen.

And I'm slightly comatose.

But: Pancakes with something Nutella like. Just more nutty.

Diabetes search very successful.

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    Since I'm comatose and still processing the results of Diabetes search...

    Please. Someone clean that warzone called kitchen.
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    This makes me glad I'm a savory/umami fiend.
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    Acid and salt here 🥰

    The sweetest thing I’ve eaten in a long time is 88% dark chocolate.
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