Can we just take a minute to recognize that clicking on the uninstall button in Windows 10 not actually uninstalling the app and instead opening an uninstall program page, where I need to look up the app again and it sometimes may not even be registered there, is one of the most fucking retarded as fuck piece of shit design decisions in the history of programming design?

How fucking hard is it to just trigger the uninstall for the fucking app? Why the fuck is there an uninstall option in the first place you wet waffle of a designer.

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    sudo apt purge windows
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    sudo xbps-remove windows
    sudo xbps-remove -Ro

    Because Debian and Ubuntu are utterly garbage.
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    The reason Windows does it like that is because installation process in Windows is complex. They may change register , may not even install in default directory and so on.

    Therefore Windows take an approach of you guy make a mess (app) so you guy clean it up.If there is no uninstaller, Windows just delete the directory and say "I uninstall it"
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    You can only directly uninstall an UWP app. For the rest, Windows doesn't have a concept of whether a related installer/uninstaller exists at all - for what it's worth, it might just be a portable app with a shortcut in Start.

    It's silly indeed, but I think I understand the implications.
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    It is a dark UI pattern to prevent people from uninstalling stuff "by accident".
    Windows knows the uninstaller to call, because that has been registered in the registry by the application's installer. It just makes you jump through an extra hoop to make sure, you actually really want to uninstall.

    And as using Windows 10 should be a pretty good predictor for poor decision making, it probably is a pretty good thing, they added that extra step...
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