I remember back at study I had this friend who hated windows just as much as I did.

Then, for a project, he HAD to run windows on his laptop.

He was very fucking angry about that but did this:

Installed a Linux (debian?) vm (virtualbox) on his laptop and gave it all the spare resources.
Then he ran it fullscreen.

He was still using windows technically but at boot up he booted up the Linux vm and he just worked with that one.

Teacher wasn't pleased but he couldn't do much since the fucker ran windows on his laptop as instructed xD

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    Next level shit. Love it 😂
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    She couldn't do much* missed an s there haha.

    She called my mentor (another teacher) to tell him to stop doing that and he was like "he is running windows on his laptop, I don't see the problem?"

    She was everything but pleased xD
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    I think that if you NEED windows for a university course, they should, at the very least give you a windows copy for free. And second, look for open source alternatives that work at least on windows, linux, and OSX
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    @aritzh Yup. Tbh, it was a C# thing but thus one was manageable with dotnet core and that runs on Linux as well.
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    @aritzh wait, your university doesn't give you a free windows licence?
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    @Wack not to us too
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    heh, I totally understand the guy. I'm running windows in qemu as well :) Only when I need IE or AcrobatReader (to test our product) which are not available on Linux in any way.
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    Why not use Windows VM on Linux in the first place?🤔 Hmm...
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    @Wack to me it does, although it is quite an obscure process. I had to spend a whole day navigating links. Still would prefer they offered open source (or at the very least portable) alternatives.
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    Just boot up a Windows 3.1 VM in a Linux host so Linux can use almost all resources while running Windows.
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    What? We got like 30 Windows licenses for free. Windows XP in 32 and 64 bit in German and English and something else totalling in 8 copies. And the same for Windows 7 and 8. And much more XD

    And I don't understand: what would your teacher have against that? Since he had Windows and all the tools you needed.. what's the problem...
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    Wait, that’s how I use Windows 10 today haha

    I have been using MacBooks but I sold mine to the company years before I leave. Now they’re too expensive and I went to a Dell Inspiron 7000.

    Started using Linux, I love it ya know but there’re some UI/UX glitches and inconsistencies...

    Now I’m using Windows with full compatibility with Adobe suite, BitLocker cryptography etc. and a Linux terminal for my dev stuff.

    Tried to used WSL but its filesystem is too slow. I’m with a headless VirtualBox machine now.

    Using Hyper as terminar but I’m about to switch back to Terminator using an X server in Windows which I did months ago with WSL. I can run “native” emacs and other Linux applications this way and integrate my tmux with my Windows’ clipboard and mouse.
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    @linuxxx Linux users always find a way..
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