I am from India, residing in Qatar. I wish to move to a different country. I have zero idea, what to do to prepare; where to start, what to do, which country to target......any pointers ?

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    not the best time at the moment...
    But you could try Zurich Switzerland maybe at Googles European Headquarters. Make your indian friends jealous with selfies in the swiss alps where many Bollywood films were shot.

    Video about zurich
    🎥 Most liveable city, 2019: Zürich

    Job listings at google zurich
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    Pick a country, check residence conditions, fill out necessary paperwork, find a job, rent an apartment.
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    The world is pretty crazy right now.
    Have you considered Mars?
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    @Root funny thing is that even if you had the resources and means to go to mars and settle, the government wouldn't let you because somehow they have the right to restrict people from doing whatever the fuck they please as well as a claim on outer space and other planets apparently.
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    @molaram If you had the resources and means to go to Mars and settle there, there's sod all any government could do to stop you - unless they really wanted to shoot you out the sky.
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    @M1sf3t because they're selfish, and that would be paying for a missile with no upside.
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    @scout out of curiosity, something wrong in qatar that made you wanna move? are you thinking to go to a specific country? if so, what are the major differences between said country and qatar?

    @heyheni don't forget to tell her how "easy" it is to get resident and work permits in Switzerland...I'd assume if it's so "easy" for EU citizen it must be "easier" for non-EU as well!
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    @molaram well ...no, about qatar, nothing wrong, it’s the best place I have lived. It was just for a personal change, which now that I’m thinking with a sound mind, is unreasonable.
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    But Its good now to have some idea and knowledge, if I plan someday....Is Switzerland easy really?
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    @scout do check for weather, amount of sunlight, racism and xenophobia, pay/expense ratio, and migration laws and fees. I feel like me sometimes move thinking that we are ok with some stuff when in reality we are not.

    Edit: oh, and how easy it is to learn their language.
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    Bright side is, any of those counts are an improvement on Qatar. Except maybe Somalia
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    @SortOfTested it really depends. For example, if you're a Muslim, it isn't really an improvement.
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    No, not really 😊 it's the epitome of the cancer that is patriarchal theocracy. I went there during my time with Exxon, and it was the only place I was told I was not allowed to speak until spoken to during meetings. Not even in Saudi.

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    I was on the business and refinery operations software side, so I never went aboard any of the offshore rigs. I only interfaced with Saudis during tech meetings and occasionally in the western complex.
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    @scout If you've got some degrees and good recommendation letters from previous jobs. It's as hard as everywhere else. You may need a bit more time (1-4 month) finding a job compared to elsewhere but this applies to swiss people too.

    - Clean air compared to dehli
    - It's safe, there are no places at night to be afraid of even as a woman.
    - Everything works, no bribery needed to get anything done.
    - Amazing public transport, no car needed
    - High salery (chart below)
    - Beautiful nature
    - Thriving expat community
    - There are Indian and Sri Lankan supermarkets in Zurich.

    - you need to learn german for the german part or french for the french part of switzerland. Better start before the move. English is widely spoken tho and you'll get by with it.
    -Swiss people have their friends from highschool and work. Making friends is hard. But surprise them with kindness and they will open up. To make friends join a local club (verein.
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    forgot the wage chart
    1 Swissfranc = roughly 1 USD
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