Working on a portfolio project - I ran some tests, everything is all good - 100% passing. Computer freezes - pop_os has been giving me shit lately, so I have to restart. Fine.

I get back into code, i re-run pytest - nothing works. Python apparently can't find my modules anymore. I try a few things, nothing. Why? Who the fuck knows - "oh you need this conftest file", "oh you need to remove __init__ from this directory or that one", "oh it's a pytest version iss---" no, no, no - listen here you little shit, it was working two seconds ago. Tell me why and how software I wrote with the most basic ass package structure - literally TWO directories suddenly has no fucking clue how to import the modules. hmm? Even from within the app directory, app.server now no longer recognizes imports from app.main or app.database.

ALL of this worked. It works in new directories without dedicated venvs - it works in new directories with my global python install - it works with any one of my conda envs - it works on other computers - WHY doesn't it work in THIS directory all of a sudden?? Ugh.

What's terrible is that relative imports will probably solve it within the app dir, but the tests dir won't accept them. Moreover, vs code autocompletion can find all the modules, but python itself cannot. Fucking infuriating shit like this is.

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    Update: it was obviously all my fault and I fixed it, but I'm still mad.
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