The best feeling according to my buddy is when drawing a character and then taking a photo of it and the phone recognizes the head as a real face.

Made me wonder of some programming equivalent scenarios.

Like checking your website for the first time on validator.w3.org and seeing the `No errors or warnings to show.`

Or writing code in a plain text editor and it works on first try without any errors.

How about letting a coworker do something you really want to do and already thought heavily about, to later realize they did it exactly how you imagined it.

Or even as simple as getting your first assignment on a new job and totally nailing it.

Do you got any good examples of a similar "omg ftw" moment?

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    Putting USB devices in right side up on the first try.

    Trying to shut down Windows 10 and it doesn't update.
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    Git merge - without conflict errors
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    Being in a real bad mood needing to rant, after some random ranting in google search find devrant.io as first hit by accident. Realise your not the only one.
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    @hcaz haha yes or that time the hard drive crashes to later find out the code _just_ committed in the nick of time
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    Getting home just in time to plug in your phone at 1% remaining battery
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    breaking a production site, noticing just in time to fix it, so by the time the client calls up and you can actually say, you can't see the problem, and ask them to check again
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    When git crashes after a day's worth of work but you managed to commit in time! πŸ™
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