i was helping a friend with their coding assignment - snake game.

we spent about 45 minutes of trying to figure out why the snake's self-collisions are not working.

then we realized that she's using two separate arrays/grids - one for the food, one for the snake itself.

she was checking both for food collisions and self-collisions on the food array.

it was very painful to realize it took me so embarassingly long to notice it.

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    Why two matrices though?
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    @Lor-inc because that's how her thinking works, she's very intelligent (even has it officially confirmed, 144 on mensa test), but her thinking works in kind of an unusual way.

    i think she didn't remember either why she did it that way, her answer was "i don't know, it was late at night and it seemed like it's going to make things easier for some reason"
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    We all have these derp moments don't we? :D It's always a fun story though
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    I find your original post and subsequent response to @Lor-inc very peculiar 😂
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    Another proof that mensa test does not map to irl intelligence or success.
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    @Midnight-shcode Yeah but it's actually more difficult to place food. It would make sense if food could be behind the snake, but it never is.
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