Programming lesson #8
Nowadays I write tasks for the next day at the end of my shift in the sticky notes app.
That way it's easier to start off for the next day without trying to remember what tasks were remaining from the previous day.
If tasks are greater in number then it's good to go for external task tracking tools. But for me keeping track of just 2-3 tasks is easier by using simple sticky notes app.

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    I summarize my day before signing off for the night. It helps me with morning stand ups and get get back into things the next morning.

    I also write up a “what the duck am I doing?” Before starting on a project. Planning out the steps helps me get into the zone and helps immeasurably when I inevitably get distracted and lose my focus.
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    @Root Yes this practice definitely helps quite a lot during morning stand-ups.
    I read 'What the f*ck am I doing' by mistake when I went through the reply for the first time😂
    But yeah I can surely try this approach before starting out a project for sure👍🏽
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