Almost at my company for two years, and not a single raise or compensation adjustment. No bonuses. No nothing.

I was scheduled to get something in April, but COVID hit and fucked it up for everyone.

But hey, if you're on sales you get a BONUS on top of your commission for selling a product and get a mandatory meeting every Friday that the entire company has to attend, just to jerk each other off with deals we've made.

Yes, we make a product. Yes, you are hired to sell it. We cannot live without each other. Just blows that the engineers are under appreciated, underpaid, and just not cared about.

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    This is why we have to get promoted into business positions and defend our profession. If business majors have all the control, we will either never get compensated fairly, or replaced with third world resources.
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    I've been sayin' it!
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    @SortOfTested third world resources ?🙄
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    @Meetife outsourcing jobs to India/overseas. My company is even doing it already
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    Geopolitical term. More or less aligns with the countries where people will work for 1/10th what they are paid locally in the US.

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    I was hired by a company just like that a few years ago. They had these huge hallelujah meetings every quarter where it was all about prizes for the biggest sales, complete with a different theme every time and shitloads of money spent on what I thought was a bit cult like. Left behind were all the engineers watching this circus from the sideline, shaking their heads.
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