Any code i write in Android studio.
That piece of shit would just go take a nap in the middle of my coding . I can no longer get response from mouse or buttons
Its bloody painful. I love it

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    From what I know, any JetBrains IDE is "the more, the merrier" in terms of hardware, so don't expect it to run smoothly on an Atom with 4 gigs of RAM.
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    @kamen i would rather say Android studio is "eirher run me on mac or we are done talking".
    I might have slightly older system with 8gigs of ddr4 ram and i5 7th gen processor but it isn't too old
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    I don't see how a Mac would be better (unless you're comparing Android emulation and iOS simulation, but that's not the point). Some years ago I was at an Android development presentation and the lecturer strongly suggested having more than 16 gigs of RAM; I haven't dabbled with Android, but I suppose it might be reasonable.
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    @kamen tbf android studio runs okish on my laptop for most of my smaller projects. It would run even better in a 16 gig ram, but i believe its design principle to be the major reason of its lag. Judging by the build folder size (an avg of 200-250 mb) AS is continuously creating thousands of kb sized cache files while continuously running in the background to support its autocorrect feature and what not.
    Thus i guess there's a continuous writing on a hard disk rom which might be causing the lag. And idk on what magic's apple devices run, bit they are smooth af. Super ugly ui, but fast af
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