Went to gym after 7 months,
I think my kidneys sifted to into my ass cheeks or my ass cheeks engulfed my kidneys, can’t tell which one.
And after coming home at 10:00 pm i see a ping
“Hi hardfault”
Oh my fucking god it’s 10:00 pm can’t it wait till morning?

fml 😫😩😭😖

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    The annoying part of getting back to doing workouts after a long time is water weight.
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    @rutee07 you guessed it right i am like a blotted water bag, also i sweat like a conservative.
    weird thing about water wait is that you have to drink more water but i got a bladder of chihuahua
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    @hardfault Other reasons for gaining water weight:
    - not enough sleep, should be at least 7 hours per night.
    - too much salt intake.
    - excessive carbs.
    - alcohol.
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    @Fast-Nop last 3 i got under control but 7 hours of sleep ?! on my lucky days i get 5 , usually I can’t get past 4 hour mark 🙈
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    @hardfault Lack of sleep fucks up your cortisol level which doesn't go down, and that's a triple bummer not only because of water gain - it also hampers muscle growth and reduces your testosterone level. This in turn is not only bad for muscle growth again, but also for energy in general.
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