As a full time remote employee it gets lonely. Im getting ready to turn my home into a co-working space :

* Plenty of space with tables and couches

* Gigabit Internet backed by enterprise networking gear

* Lots of fresh ground coffee

* Local Kubernetes server !

* dog friendly chill space

* kid friendly play areas during the summer

* Mountain home with backyard hiking trails , wildlife lookout (wild deer live in my back yard), and fireplaces

What else would you want in your co-work space-at-my-place (TM)?

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    You want to end being alone? That's the best part of it! :O
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    If you could add a virtual desk, I'd turn up remotely.
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    Where do I sign up?
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    A chess board
    Rubber ducks at each table
    Coffee machine
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    Hm... Well my team has been in another country for like 3yrs.... I technically work remotely and current team basically don't care whether I goto my local office or not...
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    Vietnam is getting big in IT as well. Same as your experience in thai land. Lots of co working spaces.
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    Fuck that sounds like an amazing place to live
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    Nintendo switch
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    a girlfriend
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    @JaredDunn sure, it’s just BYOGF!
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    Let’s make this happen haha
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    @donuts that sounds exactly like me. my entire team is in another country, and work-wise I've nothing to do with the local one. haven't even met half of them
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