What are some of the most important things, behaviours, quirks, characterists , etc that you believe if a person does / does not possess, then he/she should not be into tech?

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    In my opinion everyone can be fit into a/the Tech Scene, as Long as they have enough knowledge of it.
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    Curiosity how shit works.
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    You just need to like drugs and need some escape to be into tek. And like old bill shatner refs.
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    It's a boring answer, but just a healthy work ethic. Shrug. If someone delivers on time and contributes to a comfortable environment, I can't think of any reason they should or should not be there.

    For me to recommend a career in tech to someone though, they need to have that mindset where it's never the case that stuff just "doesn't work". There's a reason it doesn't work, and you either figure out how to fix it or why you can't fix it.

    If you run into an impediment and you have that natural itch to figure out what's going on rather than groaning about this external thing that's affecting your progress, I figure you are way more likely to thrive working with it.
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    Without some discipline no maintainability.
    Without some curiosity no improvement.
    Without some willingness to accept constructive criticism no teamwork.
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