I'm on vacation this week but spent yesterday going to the post office for the Nth to follow up on undelivered mail. When got a diff package that said was delivered... But wasn't.

This morning wake up feel sorta sick but was OK, called USPS mail number and waited 1hr to get a person. And they said the post office closed all the cases I raised regarding the missing mail.

They said they will escalate these.. Which and to be just we'll do something, eventually maybe.

After the call I felt tired so went back to bed... Woke up 3hrs later (1pm) and sorta sweaty. Maybe a cold/fever.

I have an hard to schedule appointment with doctor tmr.

So took some meds and now hoping I feel better tmr and don't have COVID..... Just so I don't need to cancel...

And if I do go there only news I expect to hear is they discover some new health problem.

Some vacation this is.... Still gotta deal with the unending onslaught of problems in life....

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    Happy vacations, stay healthy.
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    Obergröppenfuhrer's postmaster general appointee is trying to build public support for privatizing the postal service by driving their service through the floor. Since he took over, they can't work overtime, they're encouraged to make people come and get their mail for routes that are obstructed for any reason at all, and they are no longer allowed to do late deliveries.

    This is just the next step in a long running war to hand the postal service to private orgs that began with making the postal service an independent entity and continued with placing untenable restriction and financial burden on them: https://govtrack.us/congress/bills/...

    Basically, the last 4 republican presidents have tried to kill the postal service by a thousand cuts and the Democrats haven't done anything about it so it's now a complete shitshow they keep around as a talking point during election season.

    Hope you feel better, even so.
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    @SortOfTested yes but u still gotta live in the shit show... Unless your filthy rich... Then you produce it for everyone else to live in...

    I wonder if my parents were passed away, would I just find a way to OD....

    Even this vacation isn't much, just mens I can sleep more... Spend more time in the Happy Place except well I need to deal with all this shit...
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    Don't you get compensated if you're sick on vacation? Probably not in us...
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    @electrineer not really, you can't take both a sick day and a vacation day?

    My point is more just that still gotta deal with stupid shit even while on vacation... And this shit seems to just stresses me out more and create more shit...
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    @donuts you could move the vacation to a point in time where you are not sick
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    @electrineer well the vacation came first but from dealing with all this nonwrok shit now sick...

    I don't think l can message my boss saying I m sick so for the next 3 days can u replace these with sick days and I'll take the 3 more days of next week.
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    This is the US. Imagine the most employee hostile vacation and sick policy. Now double it. That's our reality.
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