Watched UFO 2018.
Movie mostly about guy trying to solve math problem but nice.
Learned about fine-structure constant and that all base SI units were redefined in 2019 lol.

I don’t remember anyone mentioned that scientists changed all of standardized measurements.

Overall nice movie if you like those about solving imaginary problem without special effects etc...

Looks like nobody cares how much kilogram weights.

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    Too bad, not avalible in 2160p
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    @NoToJavaScript maybe they will upscale it if you wait 140 years
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    @vane Haha

    At the same time some movie from 80s get 2160p release and it's fucking looking great.

    Look at this one (Downloaded just to see if it's really 2160p. IT IS)
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    @NoToJavaScript there is company topazlabs that is upscaling movies using AI wandering if they’re using their product for old movies.
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    "scientists changed all of standardized measurements"

    I know they changed the standard of a kilo to something other than a hunk of metal in a lab. What else did they change?
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    @vane For my example I don';t think it is upscale, as original is analog.

    I think this one was "rescaned" from master films (Thing they don't do often).

    But I may be wrong. But result quality is really good !
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    @Demolishun they redefined all SI units around 7 constants
    - speed of light in vacuum
    - Planck constant
    - elementary charge
    - Boltzmann constant
    - Avogadro constant
    - luminous efficacy of monochromic radiation of frequency
    - hyperfine transition frequency of caesium
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