Are AMD chips now on par, better then Intel's now?

About 10yrs, Intel beat AMD hands down. My dad bought an AMD quad core around then but the performance was probably no better and an INTC 2-core if I remember.

After that I always bought Intel i7s.

But now wondering has AMD caught up?

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    Intel is struggling to keep up. The temps on their latest lineup are a disaster.
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    @kescherRant so if you have a Ryzen, you wouldn't be able to tell the difference from an i7?

    I remember before the CPUs would be running at 100% but still very slow.
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    @donuts You would be able to tell the difference. Your CPU would run as hot, and you'd have more cores.
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    AMD is doing really well now. I believe Intel still might be in the lead if you're comparing their top-of-the-line offerings, but it's also a lot more expensive and the margin between them is so small it's not really worth the extra cost any more, now that AMD has caught up.

    Edit: also yeah, you'll get much better value and also lower Temps with AMD for a lot of reasons. No integrated graphics, better power/heat efficiency, etc.
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    @kescherRant which? AMD now has more cores? Performs better for less?

    But I guess next time, maybe 10yrs from now (can't think of why I would need to replace my desktop unless it blows up for some reason), I should buy AMD instead of Intel.
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    amd is doing quite good right now, ryzen are not the furnaces that fx were on it's time; and performance is so good. not what you asked but on the graphics cards department... well... nvidia
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    @donuts Hi, I’m the AMD fanboy from 10 years ago.

    Got a new setup with amd purely to run qemu and have macOS and windows run simultaneously.

    Both VM feel just like my old i7 it’s just that it’s practically two PC’s in one.

    _juuuust saying_
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    Most consumer models are the same core counts. Intel is still winning the clock speed battle, which is part of the reason their process isn't incrementing as fast.
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    Yes, AMD is better on virtually every metric.

    • Core count
    • Cost
    • Upgrade cost (reusing cpu socket)
    • Heat
    • Power consumption
    • Cache speeds
    • Overclocking stability
    • Mutlithreading performance
    • Benchmarks like transcoding
    • Availability
    • Circuitry bugs (unfixable)
    • Backdoor bugs (sometimes unfixable)

    The only place Intel still beats the Ryzens is single-core performance on their top-end chips, which leads to slightly better performance in games that aren’t optimized for multithreading. Intel is worse at literally everything else.
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    Intel is handily behind AMD. They have sat on the innovation they last executed in 2008 or so, increasing performance in their newer offerings by just requiring more current and more cooling. AMD is running circles around them now.
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    Wait for new ARMs
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