So printing ABS was challenging.
Picking right nozzle and bed temperature.
Making it stick to bed, adjusting Z axis etc took me 4 hours including going to shop for hegron hair spray.

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    Hairspray is a printsaver.
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    @Root yeah I found on some forum it’s best to make ABS stick to bed and I can say it’s great piece of science.
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    The best way to make ABS is ABS slurry

    Its acetone and ABS. Spray it (Not literally spay it on. Just add it.) on bed in tiny layer. Like really tiny one. You dont want your layer height to get fucked.

    Then turn up the heat of the bed. 100C should do it.

    And well have fun.
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    @Haxk20 from forum they wrote I can go hard way starting from ABS slurry but they all ended up using Hegron hair spray as it’s price is the same as acetone and you don’t have to mix anything.

    Just spray on bed and it works awesome, you just need water to get your print from bed as this spray is dissolving in water.

    Anyway I’m very much impressed as I just spray and don’t have to worry about bed temperature or anything else.

    Hair spray 4life.
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    I put some picture if anyone’s interested. Mine is made in netherlands.
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    Did you build the printer yourself or bought it? If bought, which brand and where?
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    @rutee07 I assembled original prusa MK2S printer from parts couple years ago, it was fairly easy and fun.

    It’s from prusa3d.com they got mk3s right now but you need to wait like a month for shipping cause they’re still small company. It’s founded by Joseph Prusa who made prusa open source 3d printer.

    You can also buy non original open source version of prusa and assemble yourself and it’s fraction of cost. Like 1/3 price of original one.

    If you wish to print shoes you need to look for biggest print area you can find. I unfortunately can’t print shoes with prusa cause it’s to small.

    Generally if I would buy 3d printer right now it would be with biggest printing area and cheapest price cause everything else can be adjusted.

    It’s fun.
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    @mcfly yeah it’s great product compared to other methods
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