I went to an interview and they say they will call me within 2 week if I pass the first round of interview.

They don't call me so I assume I fail the interview and life went on.

I received the call today said I pass the first interview and if I wanted to come for second interview. My first thought is Fuck Off.

My acquaintance work for that company and we have a frank conversation. What is going on is that they are overwork and the other department complain that they don't have output from IT department.

When they ask IT department why don't produce output, head of IT department said they don't have enough people. HR department reluctantly allow them to hire more people and they phone me. My acquaintance apologize for the move that their company make. My acquaintance also said that he/she will also pass my decision to their department head.

I have meet everyone is that IT department whom I am going to work with and I like them. They are not only knowledgeable but also a nice person. More importantly they value the quality of work. They are the kind of person I like working with.

What I don't like is their HR department and they only call me when their departments work stale.

Here is my problem, I like the people I am going to work with but I don't like the company that they think I am kind of "backup". The company is the reputable company and it will be easier for me to find other job if I decided to quit and apply for other job.

I know the price range that they are willing to hire me due to first interview and the probing question I asked.

I was thinking of asking for salary outside their price range and think how it goes. If they are willing to hire me despite the ridiculous salary I asked , I may tolerant to work with them.

How do you think I should handle the situation?

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    Of course HR doesn't put out job ads if more people aren't required because management won't allow money to be wasted.

    In large companies, it's even common to have a sizeable budget cut each year, and the head of each department then has to show which work will not be done if that cut goes through.
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    You don’t say how long you had to wait.

    But I assume it was considerably more than two weeks.

    If you need the job, take it, its always easier to get hired if you already have one as that is “proof” that you are valuable ;)

    But when getting back late they at least should have let you know the reason and possibly apologized.

    I mean, if the first time they had someone they though fit better but it was close, when they need another its easier start with one they already have considered and deemed good enough than to start the hiring process all over.

    But to just call and say you passed is arrogant.

    Just don’t judge the whole company on the HR.

    We also have a hr department that do things I do not appreciate but I rarely have to deal with them.

    And every one else is wonderful.
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