The good thing about being a mobile developer is that your phone's battery never goes below 90%

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    Can't be good for the battery to always be > than 90% though!
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    Generally speaking the most "healthy" for a Lithium Ion battery is to stay between 30 - 80%, and calibrating the battery status but doing a full recharge followed by a full discharge every month or so.

    That's what I've read on le interwebz anyway.
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    Do you prefer a real device over an emulator? For web apps chrome works fine but when I did a bit of Cordova development I relied heavily on emulators. Nothing beats the real thing I guess.
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    I always use wireless debugging. My battery always goes below 90%
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    @chrisrhymes Cordova is just fancy webviews with css and js (my experience in a mobile app dev class) I'm sure browser testing is fine. I prefer native development which is always better on device than on an emulator
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