Just finished another run. First time running in proper Nike running shoes. Before that I ran in Adidas training shoes that was designed for the gym, not outdoors.

The easiest run I’ve ever done. Same distance, same everything, even the same heart rate, but it feels like a walk in the park. I didn’t even feel thirsty.

It probably means that conditions of the exact moment your foot touches the ground somehow makes a huge difference in energy required to run. I knew that but I didn’t knew how huge its role was.

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    Oh yeah it makes a difference. I'd actually even recommend you go get a running test done because most people don't land completely evenly or right on their feet and need the shoes to compensate (obviously just do this next time it's time to switch shoes or if you start experiencing pain in ankles/shins/knees). Remember to increase distance slowly (golden rule says 0.5-1 km per month) and that in order to run faster you have to run slowly (ironically). Also feel free to disregard my well-meaning advice here but I have many thoughts on the topic as I've been a passionate runner for the past 7 years and I LOVE when people get a taste for it. Awh man I'm so excited for you. I wish you many a runner's high and empty trails 😄
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    @Elyz thanks! I’m depressed but depression fades away somehow after the run. Running makes you high, that’s true.

    I got my running and walking thoroughly calibrated by professional trainer once my shins started to hurt for no reason. Apparently I was walking wrongly all this time but now I actually know how to walk 😂
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    @Elyz I don’t get runner’s high. 🙁
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    @Root RUN MORE (or idk get high and then go for a run?)
    Maybe it just isn't for everyone. I definitely have days where I'm just not into it and other days where I feel like I could keep going forever lol
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    @Elyz I’ve run plenty thanks to boot camp. Some people get that runner’s high, some don’t. 🙁
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    @M1sf3t I somehow have healthy footprint but extremely high insteps at the same time
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