System malfunction: *appears out of the blue*

Me: *searching for THE problem*

Seniors: - it's never just a single problem...

WTF!?!? How come? How many problems are likely to appear out of the blue to cause some malfunction?

Every time.
Every time I'm debugging smth others say it's always multiple problems.
Every time I find a single root cause

seriously, guys, how often is it multiple problems. Honestly, I've never had more than a single root cause. And I've cracked a looooot of them.

Where does that belief come from?

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    There are always at least 2 problems:

    1. the problem in the code

    2. the developer trying to solve 1
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    It's usually a sign for the stigmata of old age.

    I sometimes say this as a joke about myself, since (due to project management) I need to remember far more of the history than the regular dev.

    So sometimes a discussion goes like this:

    Person A:
    We found this new bug, happening at the stage of <XY> at the document verification phase.

    Me: Oh. I remember... Last autumn we worked on it and I think there was this and that changed, I'll try to pinpoint it in GIT history and send a link later. Maybe it correlates with the recent changes at <Z>

    So for me... Everything is somehow connected together, since usually you don't solve or change one thing... There is very often an after effect.

    This is my opinion regarding myself...

    Some other persons just do this to be able to tell you afterwards "Told ya". Which is a thing I avoid..... Since it's the major non achieving dick move.
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