My company is thinking of closing its office, and many other companies are doing the same in a bid to save money now that they realise WFH is just as effective.

I'm not a fan. Working from home for the next 30+ years with no variety in the physical environment, experiences or interactions I have in those 8 hours of my day is an absolutely depressing thought to me.

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    Travel. Seeing the same office every day is awful. I work at least 2 months of the year out of Japan, and 3 from Glasgow. You have an opportunity to make money while experiencing things 😊
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    Before COVID, I worked from home 3 to 5 days a week....but man those office days were handy. I've been missing them.
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    Have a UK visa and a flat in glasgow. Work visas aren't easy to get, I opened our UK branch to get an entrepreneur visa. Going for citizenship eventually. Abnb is ~ $2300 a month for a nice place in merchant city. Higher in London, Edinburgh by about 50-75%. If you need day rents, wework or spaces membership can get you shared workspace inside an office anywhere on the planet. It's not super cheap though.

    You can be in japan 90 consecutive days per stay without a residency visa. I go for one month at a time. We have a small office in Tokyo now and a few employees to handle 24/7 coverage. I used to just rent a booth at a manga cafe or similar for some hours before that ($25/8hr). Lodging, I usually airbnb some cheap place near the office (~1.2 hours outside of downtown by train).
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    I hope they would do the same in ours.
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    @FrodoSwaggins Here a documentary about digital nomadism https://www.onewayticket.io
    and the digital nomad community https://nomadlist.com
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    My company is about to roll back the lockdown related WFH because management lives in the 20th century. I love WFH like in the past few months because there's no time wasted for commuting, and it's really silent.

    Even the working time is more flexible. Surprising telecon with the US in the evening my time? I just take a three hours break and prepone my physical exercise from evening to afternoon. Home office plus home gym FTW.

    Also, a company doesn't have to introduce permanent WFH for everyone. Just reducing the number of office places will cut down costs already.
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    Remote work is amazing if you're in a team not filled with dumbfucks, who can actually use agile properly and they have a good ratio of experts who can take good chunks of the day to themselves and fully focus on one complex task at a time.

    I've had really awesome remote work experiences in small teams where I could work from a McDonald's or from the park with headphones or from my aunt's porch watching the garden. Its really awesome.

    But the moment you have a shit team, everything goes to fuck and you need to sit around a phone all day.
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    Yep, we rent a quarter floor office from one 😊
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