Mark: hey guys I wanted to connect with you all (on FB) and have a quick chat before the meeting.

Cook, Pichai, Bezos: ok, mhhm... what's up?

Mark: yes so I think we gonna be in for a grilling so want make sure we minimize the damage.

All: uhhm....

Mark: I'm suggesting we agree on the order which we join the webex so we don't look bad..

Pichai, Cook: I don't get it...
Bezos: ... oh I think I get it.... you mean appearing as FAAG?

Cook: hmm..
Pichai: what's that?
Mark: not important but anyway... The solution is simple.
Bezos: yes Sundar just login first and I guess can send us all push notifications to our phones.

Pichai: hm... Ok... Wouldn't this get us in trouble though.... This sounds like collusion...

Mark: ok guys... Uh let's just end it here then... This chat Never happened...

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