Password complexity checker for big car rental company is set to insane mode
☑️ 30 char
☑️ symbols
☑️ numbers
☑️ upper & lower
❎ still 'too weak'

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    Password strong enough that even you won't be able to get in
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    Have you tried "password" ?
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    Try ASCII art of a man inputting his password into a computer as a password.
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    @simeg I was having a shitty night until I read that comment. Thanks!
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    It's actually pretty easy: Just pick your favorite book and enter every single character, including copyright and index. That should bring you to "close to barely nearly almost acceptable" level :)
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    Only in Zhermany
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    @ste09 nope, still wouldn't work. Only way was to enter 2 or more symbols, numbers AND uppercase. Ironically fixed patterns like this reduce password entropy and should make it easier to brute force (or just look at the post it note by their screen since there's no way they're remembering what they set)
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    @nanowireUK oversecurity ruined security
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    I usually use sentences. If there are silly number and/or capital demands the password just starts it ends with those.

    Just form a mental image or take a real one and describe it with the first words that come into mind. For example

    There is 1 beautiful yellow car parked outside an fucking ugly office building.

    That one simple sentence gives a search space of 1.85 x 10^154 and cannot be bruteforced without a word list in this lifetime. Word lists won't help either. This is especially effective if you have some other language you can form the password in besides English.

    You will remember those easily.
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    You are missing a piece of your hair, an eyeball, half of your kidney and your middle finger, send them this in a package and you will acieve highest secure level.
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