This week is unproductive as fuck.

I work as python developer and write bots to solve captchas.
But due to lack of resources I have been moved (working on both) my assigned python tasks and node project.

Guess what, I have been updating html templates for emails for this node project.

I wish to find cactus for the management.

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    Oh dear, HTML emails maintenance/creation is the worst "dev" task one could ever get, best of luck with that!
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    Just use mailchimp or something for the sake of your sanity.
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    Mail chimp for generating custom html templates?
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    You can export htmls from it.
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    those templates never work
    I had a bad time with them

    even though I hate this but find it from scratch and bootstrap are my best go to options

    PS: Just completed the node tasks.
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    bots for solving captchas? 😲
    so you're a criminal? scaming old people of their life savings? And sending millions of spam emails with fake email accounts your bots create?
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    I had to do that shit at my internship. The boss was like shitty jobs for people he doesn't need to pay
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    @heyheni both are different projects

    bots for solving captchas is related to web scraping

    the email template was another project, plus those are transactional emails
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    Automatic captcha solving is a good thing to do.
    Don't check for being human.
    Check for unwanted behaviour instead.

    Yes, embedding a captcha service is easy. But you don't actually want to detect whether the wrongdoer is a human. You want to detect, whether he is a wrongdoer.
    Most of the SPAM i get in my forum is written and entered by humans.
    There are countries, where humans are obscenely cheap...
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