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    I would pay extra for seats like that!
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    @nickpapoutsis you would probably die, there are better ways how to end your life, for example overdosing energy drinks.
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    @aikone But this is so much more failsafe. The combination of lack of oxygen, -50 centigrade at altitude and jet engines trying to suck you in is kind of like a RAID 1 setup with 3 mirrored disks.
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    @Grumpy imo it's too much effort, even though I agree that it would be much more failsafe 😂
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    Wow, looks like my first post almost granted me a much needed stressball :D
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    Better call Saul
  • 2
    Its not a bug it's a feature.
    - better view
    - more legspace
    - better air conditioning
    - ...

    The list goes on and on
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    Magic carpet ride - special feature!
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    OMG ahahaha
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    Haha, very good
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