Is anyone here buying an Star Lite Mk III?

Any experiences with this brand?

The machine looks amazing for travels.

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    Never heard of it before, but looks interesting
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    Doesn't look terrible but not incredible either. Worth taking a look at.
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    Prolly some garbage cpu with huge throttling that heats up like a fucking oven
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    @uyouthe Have a look!

    That price with 8gb ram... I'd buy this and it costs around 1/2 of the cheapest Macbook with 2gb ram over here 😄
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    Build looks fine, if a little dated. Specs are low anything I'd want to be doing though. I travel with a Lenovo or an mbp, gets the job done.
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    @linuxxx pentium cpu tho. Are apple actually selling brand new 2gb MacBooks?
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    Them thicc bezels, tho.
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    @uyouthe Just checked and the lowest version is 8gb now! But, the lowest price also went from 800-900 to 1200 so they are even less affordable now...

    I guess apple really wants to stop targeting the middle class and move to the upper! (in general, 1200 euro is more than half a monthly salary over here, not even many middle class families can afford this)
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