A lot of people are diving into web dev - true is the next big thing as native apps will soon become obsolete ...
But have you taught about web security.
They are few web security experts out there and sooner the global focus will be on user safety not just user experience.

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    > native will be obsolete

    Only over my cold dead body
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    Yeah I keep hearing it for years now. Dream on.
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    Safety is too expensive.

    Like many other things.

    My whole experience with my job in the last dozen years is this:

    - we use MySQL / MariaDB / Redis / ... (Whatever)
    - we have successful product
    - we didn't have an DB admin / Devops / Backend whateva you name it
    - ... Well. After N years of developing without background knowledge, shit's on fire, could you please prevent this from burning our company down?

    And this is reallly common.

    Let it be security / db / ui / ux / process management / ...

    So no. Nothing dies in IT fast. Slowly fading away, maybe. But things from the past will always hunt ya. Right, Cobol-chan? ;)
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