windows skype doesn't support .png only jpeg.
it's true.

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    Can't say I'm "that" surprised
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    @Floydimus OP does
    Any other question? :D
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    Who cares?
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    Same goes with Apple iCloud.

    So what?
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    @010001111 well it's a bit painful if you have a png file and want to share it.

    A cloud file storage service that cares about file formats is a shitty one. But that perfectly fits the Apple ecosystem.
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    Didn't Facebook at one point not support png files ?
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    Skype is handy for having a text chat log.

    Not so handy for video unless you have lots of bandwidth..

    And who wants video anyhow, where it the log !
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    @M1sf3t Definitely. It's known to affect the brain in many ways, some of which we still don't understand. In OP's case, it seems to be quite severe.
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