As we grow up, we feel cooler and smarter and wiser everyday......
Until someday, you start growing old instead, and start feeling stupider and lamer day by day...
You don’t even notice how stealthily this line was crossed....

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    Party as it were no tomorrow until 23 yo! After 23 the headache and fatigue age start.

    Until 30 you swish trough that what your younger self thought was important. There is always a goal to be reached. Finish school, higher education, first own flat, first and second job. Until you're reached all those goals, bought all the stuff you thought were cool. Suddenly life gets boring. All your friends are getting married and having kids. And all that is left is work and existential dread 😞
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    @M1sf3t 32
    I fantasize about building a solar powerd electric bicycle and drive around the world for 1-3 years and reassess my life after that. #midlifecrisis 😄
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    The older I get... the smarter I feel.

    I don't mean technical bits, I mean wisdom and etc.

    Maybe I could run faster when I was 19...but I was pretty dumb...
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    After awhile, you begin to realize just how much you don’t know.
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