i'm so tired... i don't know how much longer i can keep up the 4-or-less-hours-a-night routine, but I can't afford meds or appointments to fix it. I've tried most everything, even not touching anything digital for like a week and all the home remedies ever, but nothing works. It's been forever since i've had a good rest.

i don't know why but my body has locked itself into a "sleep 6AM to 8-10AM and no more" routine and i can't break it. i can't even stay up anymore, as i just fucking collapse at 7 or 8AM if i'm not out by 6.


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    @SavvyArbitrary i don't drink caffeine and stress isn't exactly reductible for me as i live with shitty people and can't leave
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    I tried meditation for something else but as a side effect I got sleepy every time, look for rain noises or white noises and turn the volume up, hope u find rest.
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    I'd try with swimming. It can break me out of such a genjutsu. That and wanking ofcourse
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    I'd give you a hug if I could... 🙁
    I had the same problem. Stress reduction definitely did the trick.
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