First time posting, hopefully I got this right!

So, we have that fabulous application that lets you update translations at will directly from within it. Of course, we also ship basic translations in perfectly indigestible PO files.

That particular client *really* wants to have his translations updated before going on-premise, but it would be too much of a hassle to put that in a CSV and import it into the app. Better ask the only developper on the project to update all PO files one after the other just because "we don't like that word, we'd prefer to see that perfect synonym there". Also, the rest of the project - aka the actual development - should not be delayed because of this.

And of course the translations are provided in the form of screenshots of part of the application with words highlighted in yellow over a white background. Good luck finding the right string in the right file.

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    Thats definitely up there in worst localization bullshit. Also probably matches this week's weekly rant If you want to add the tag.

    Welcome aboard.
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    It's been a while since I saw a Well Made first post.
    Also Welcome to devRant.
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    Thanks for the welcome :D

    I found out about the weekly rant after this post, can't edit anymore so I guess I'll pass on this one... No worries though, I still have a few stories waiting to be revealed!
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