I just want a better life. A life where people can live freely. Where skill and talent is enough to make a living. A life where we don't have to be scared of the police.

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    Let's fight for it.

    The life you currently have is because someone fought for it and many sacrifices were made.

    Let's stand in front lines and do it for future generations.

    That's how things progress.

    That's how evolution works.

    That's how everything works.

    If not now, then when? If not us, then who?
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    "Wrong planet, sorry."

    @Floydimus It's not going to be easy, especially considering how little people care about others, but you're right.
    We're at a point where we won't exist in the "near future" if we don't do anything anyway. So why not try something, eh
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    Would it be easy? No.

    Would it be worth it? Definitely.

    We are in a point in history where we have reached a tipping point and system will have to collapse.

    I sense a massive structural change in how we humans exist.
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    @F1973 "You dare change your name, mortal?!"
    Now you seem to be a missing airplane :o

    "I remember back then when I was a kid, F1973 went missing for two weeks. No one knew what had happened to it until it resurfaced miraculously. To this day, we still have no information on the matter."


    I do agree with your comment, by the way
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    @Jilano hahahaha to conceal my Identity.

    I learned to have a global username from Linuxxx and then 'Floydian' or 'Floydimus' became my digital identity, even on LinkedIn and Professional communities.

    Since dR is an open platform and everything here ranks higher in Google, it would be very easy for folks at my next employer to find me ranting.

    So for that I have decided to stay under the radar (no pun intended).
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    I don’t know where you live but in Germany 🇩🇪 it’s normal what you describe...
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    @F1973 Fair enough! That's understandable, especially for such a famous "hairline" like yourself ;)
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    meritocracy is a white privilege heternormative patriarchical concept.

    you fucking bigot.

    This is humor.
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