Sigh OK, so, my friend we'll call him z has told me he's visiting the deep Web with tor. So I immediately start asking him about what security he uses (which is 3 VPNs tired through each other).

Like no z! You don't go to the deep Web, that's where the bad things happen! 😡

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    Yea everyone wants to go there, but no one knows what it entails. Or what not protecting yourself can cause... You practically walked into a dark psych prison with a flashlight looking for information, thinking the cons won't rape you... Is that a bit Explicit?
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    @GhostDev not at all 😋 I'm like, "Dude, make sure you've hidden your IP very, very well, people will come, and they will take you" and he's like, "it's all right, I've got tor running on my computer"

    And I'm like, "why do you not use a virtual machine 😑"

    And then he wanted to add me on Skype 😓
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    @rainmitchell I just refuse to go there, I mean they should then do what is right by them, it is pointless to try and help someone who cannot even realise that the deep Web is not some exotic designer area as shown on TV. You need to put thought and time into it, and you need to know what's out there.. At least you're trying, hope you succeed before Z gets into any real trouble
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    You guys realize the deep web isn't that dangerous unless your looking for trouble - seto the security nerd
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    The deep web really isnt all that bad when you lnow where to look for, found some great free programming documents on there.
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    @On-xTone same policy with boobs
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    Well depending on what sites you visit on the deep web you might be fine, if you start going on the shader ones you might get killed in your sleep
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    @pewpewseto and @madrix999 I know, but if you have a person who haven't heard of deep Web before their favorite TV series spoke of it, nor understand it, start browsing and soon they will see something shiny to purchase, or end up in the wrong place. My advice to anyone who doesnt know what the dark web entails, is stay away, sure it's a gold mine of information, but if you go there unaware of the goblins, you're gonna have a bad time.
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