I hate it when people don't want to work for themselves and when I share something for their knowledge

"Wow what pro", "Dude you're so smart" etc in a sarcastic manner.

Dude wtf, you don't want to improve yourself then fuck off. You're there because of yourself not because I fucked it up for you.

You reap what you sow and i don't need people discrediting my effort to get to where I am today. I get it, I'm not even what you would call "pro", So what shitface?! I wanna be there someday. If you don't then just die. I don't need people like you in my life 😬😬😬

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    May be ur friends were serious..
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    @harish1996 You said it, "your friend". Obviously I know them better having done multiple tasks together.

    They feel comfortable with what they have. Not that I have anything wrong with that, but being sarcastic and making fun of me while I wanted us to succeed together is a disgrace to my way of life and my efforts all this time.

    Respect should never be taken for granted. I'm partly angry and also disappointed with my friends. They have dreams and goals. They talk to us like they wanted it so much. Yet they just don't want to work for it.
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    @Letmecode thanks, some people don't get it, they think Im insane. Clearly they were praising me. Well they didn't 😥 welp.
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    @jschmold Thanks, mate really appreciate it 👌
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    @alqaline94 Its never wrong to give a second thought..But beleive it or not , this happens to me sometimes.. People have different goals and cant hold something that we are interested in..
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    I don't understand this thread at all.
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    Paraphrasing: "Refusing to learn from mistakes is just fucking stupid." to say the least.
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