Use of any other DBMS than Oracle is 0 marks instantly. Shared by a friend, unnamed UK uni, IT PM course. This is 2016.

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    Disagree. Lots of good choices. Would not even use relational for all projects . Sometimes graph is a better solution.
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    @azuredivay bs. There are not so many SQL servers. Principle is important not a concrete db engine.
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    @addvilz it's an assignment, not a life sentence. It's obviously for grading purposes.
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    @superamadeus it pretty much is, and here is the reason why: they are only introduced to Oracle, usually without considering alternatives. When they get out of uni, oracle is all that those future PM's and devs know. Then, the least gifted ones not researching alternatives on their own (majority) stick with it and voila - loyal oracle customer base. This is not for grading purposes. This is because "enterprise" product sales teams from Oracle, Microsoft, SAP etc spends shitton of money and resources on lobby, both directly to schools and to education controlling bodies. I have heard about edu programms not being approved because they teach tools out of what is being pushed from vendors. This is how you end up with TheDailyWTFs and devrants about Oracle powered corporate sites, dishing out 100k for monthly licenses.

    Source: I used to teach devs in college. Not a month went by without a vendor lobbyist visiting and pushing their products.
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    @addvilz fair enough. Another reason modern higher education is a scam.
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