the fking piece of technology which is unreal engine... you spend a lot of time on rigging and preparing a beautiful skeleton in blender, you are finally done, and you want to export it as fbx. But nooooo here are like 100 hoops you have to jump through and another more 100 blender settings to set so that the mighty unreal "might" accept your humble offering of an fbx and break it 10 times in the process....
this is rediculous.
The error messages are useless. "mimimi you have multiple roots" "mimimi same named objects". Ya sure, and when I use the older fbx 6.1 library for the export suddently these are fine? hmmmmmmm

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    tbh, finding the right export settings for any engine is usually pain in the ass.
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    @Midnight-shcode there are also at least 10 addons for blender claiming to help with that... that's worrisome also tbh...

    I'm just suprised there is no good solution for this yet. Wtf.
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    Had made rigs in Blender 2.79 for Unity5 back then. That was pretty painless actually, the only thing was the naming.

    UE is still on my list though
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    @hasu well... maybe i'm weird but i saw nothing wrong with the solution of "do five trial and error exports+imports with different settings, find the one that works, note it down, never change it again" =D

    ... yeah, i definitely am weird, all the info needed for the importer to import correctly should be embedded in the file itself, now that i think about it...
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    fyi I found a solution. Lol. So my meshes had the same names as the links, which is fine for blender since it knows those are different objects, but not fine for Unreal. Lol.

    Also it didn't like multiple layers.

    Now that I prefixed every mesh with "mesh" and removed the layers it imported fine.

    Now I'm mad about Unreals definition of Bones though. Had to rework my entire fking model because of this. fk this shit :D I want to cry... and don't get me started on IK constraints... ugh
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