Fuck... Am getting my laptop's battery changed and this feels like someone's doing a heart transplant of my precious.
What if the new battery isn't compatible, what if the guy turns out to be a thug and takes away my laptop parts ,what if what if what if.... Damn kill me now

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    It's just a battery relax...
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    @M1sf3t yeah , so laptops have been the most costliest item in our middle class home in the last few years . So i never really tried tinkering around its screws and outside the software layer.

    But ironically i have submitted my most prized possession to a complete stranger to get it fixed and this is freaking me out
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    I did a backup of around 90% of the items tho
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    Also when the guy opened up my laptop, i found the battery to be swollen up around the edges and flattened in the center. I am guessing its due to my bad habits, since the laptop is only 3years old.

    Can you guys suggest how should i be using the laptop in a way that my battery doesn't fuck up this time? I usually keep my laptop connected to charger almost all the time and unplug before going to bed
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    @M1sf3t depends on the laptop.

    They are slowly turning into MacBooks under the hood these days with more manufacturers making irreplaceable batteries.
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    @M1sf3t fucking Apple, I wrote Ultrabook.

    I was referring to how HP and similar bury the battery inside the frame and make your life a meaningful pain in the ass to remove it.

    To someone, like @curioustools it may as well be irreplaceable as a consumer.
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    Yeah, for this reason I always look for laptops with replacable batteries.

    All my laptops need replacable bat and an audio jack. Also upgradable ram, and NVMe M.2 for ssd and hdmi and a couple USBs

    I received a mac for work recently and I hate it so far... Wonder if it will ever grow on me
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    Update : looks like i am fucked. The battery that guy replaced works fine, gives a nice backup of 1-2 hours of constant usage, but when i start watching a video, the sound fades away to 0 automatically
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    @M1sf3t @C0D4 any help guys ? I am hoping he didn't took away my b&o speakers
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    Update : i guess i fixed it. Was a realtech driver issue which i have no idea why it came a day after some stranger cracked open my laptop. Maybe he accidentally installed the window updates that i was delaying for the past few weeks
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